1990–1995 · B.A. Fine Arts – Barcelona Fine Arts University.
1995–1996 · Theatre Scene Design Master at Barcelona Victoria Theatre.


Professional experience

1995–1997 · Theatre stage designer assistant at the Victoria Theatre in Barcelona.

1997–1998 · Scene designer and actor for the Chamber Theatre Company.

1998–1999 · Art Director assistant for European and American commercials.

1998–Present · Production Designer for Worldwide commercial campaigns, stands, still photography, music videos and feature films.

2008-Present · Professor for the “Art Direction for Communication Master” at Elisava – Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona.




Locations where I’ve worked:

Spain, Argentina, Bahamas, Brasil, Portugal, Ukraine, Mexico, Philippines, Hong Kong, South Africa, Iceland, Romania, Chile, Italy, New Zealand, Germany, France, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, China, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Belgium.




Directors I’ve worked with:

Anthony Atanasio, Joaquin Baca-Asay, Joachim Back, Adam Berg, Nico Beyer, Juan Cabral, Nicolas Caicoya, Tom Carty, Jaume de Laiguana, Stuart Douglas, Johnny Green, Peter Greenaway, David Lachapelle, Chivo Lubezki, John Madden, Chris Palmer, Frederic Planchon, Nathan Price, Rankin, Steve Reeves, Oliver Rihs, Jérôme Salle, Rupert Sanders, Sebastian Strasser, Tarsem, Ben Tricklebanck, Mattijs Van Heijningen, Jan Wentz.


Production Companies I’ve worked with:

Academy Films, Agosto, Another Film Company, BBC, Birth, Blink Productions, Bliss, Bob Industries, Boolab, Gang Films, Gorgeous, HSI London, Hungryman, Iconoclast, Independent, Knucklehead, Laszlo Kadar Films, Les télécréateurs, Laiguana, MJZ, Neue Sentimental Film, Nice Shirt Films, Park Pictures, Partizan, Premier Heure / U-turn ph, Quad Productions, Radical Media, Rankin Photography Ltd., Rose Hackney Barber, Soixan7e Quin5e, Tomboy Films.





Gold Lion Cannes 2014 for best Production Design. Film Craft Lions. Honda illusions.
Gold British Arrow Crafts 2014 for best Production Design. Honda illusions.
Wood Pencil D&Ad 2014 / Film Advertising Crafts / Production Design. Honda Illusions.
Wood Pencil D&Ad 2014 / Film Advertising Crafts / Special Effects. Honda Illusions.
Wood Pencil D&Ad 2015 / Film Advertising Crafts / Production Design. Canal+ Unicorns.
Lion Cannes 2016 / Shortlist for best Production Design. Film Craft Lions. Gillette – Bond Moments.
Ciclope Awards 2016 / Finalist for best Production Design. Gillette – Bond Moments.
British Arrow Crafts 2017 / Shortlist for best Production Design. Kronenbourg Alsace-tians.
Lion Cannes 2017 / Shortlist for best Production Design. Film Craft Lions. Kronenbourg Alsace-tians.
Lion Cannes 2018 / Shortlist for best Production Design. Film Craft Lions. Rexona – Caveman.